It’s been years and years, and finally, I’ve decided to let my stories breathe out there. Thanks to all my friends who have already read all those full length books- and thanks for biting my head off about publishing. Enjoy the read and please, SHARE!

Abandoning your church. Blocking your mum because well, she ganged up with your worst enemy. Breaking your own rules…again.

A church girl. You couldn’t call Esther anything else.

But Esther has been burned by her family and some fairly important people in her church. And at this point, she is in dire need of a second chance. She knows it’s not love she needs, because that is what got her into a lot of trouble in the first place.

Leaving seems to be the right thing to do until a stranger’s email gets in the way. And what started off as hello, becomes too real and gets too close for comfort.

Layover is a very short story about hopes, prayers, and looking for love. Life doesn’t have a checklist or a do-over. That’s why you can find surprises in unexpected places.

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Even though giving second chances is what God does best, Lesley Hyde knows she is going to lose.
A child her family doesn’t know exists. A job where the man she once loved is boss.
True love. Even her life.

Raised by a family that is passive at best and dysfunctional at worst, Lesley doesn’t have the luxury of making more slip ups. After she has a baby with her older cousin Kojo, playboy Kojo tires of her and things go south very quickly. Lesley high tails it, keeping love and affection at bay.
Now wiser and older, Lesley Hyde has finally found someone her heart so desperately desires. Roger is gentle and caring. Everything she wants.
However, sometimes the past catches up with you.
Kojo is back and he wants everything- Lesley and his son. He is rich and already married but that doesn’t stop him. Things are about to get a whole lot more complicated…

Lucy’s Moment is a contemporary love story where you get to decide how it ends.

One free ride in a Mercedes, a brooding reformed church boy, a faraway virtual friend and a mum on steroids might just Lucy’s recipe for happily ever after. But there is the matter of her ex and what happened before. Enjoy the read!

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“In a world of ‘fairy tales’, this book does an amazing job of serving the impossible and the important alongside wit and humour.”

“…a feel good read. WONDERFUL. One I needed to read and to give me some hope.”

“I’m really enjoying Lucy’s Moment. It’s well written and easy to read. Love the different perspectives. I squeeze in reading time time whenever I can and this story tempts me to squeeze in more time but life keeps happening.”

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