Blogging Away on Monday

…no matter how hard you try, the planning, strategic documents and research put in, what you are and what you dream are essentially on two different planes. Because a true dream is based on nothing except faith. It doesn’t make logical sense. There is no 5 steps to making your dreams come true.

Fiction Friday!

Hello friends! How did your week go? Here is a short story for you to kick back and relax. Warning: it is short! Layover is a short story about hopes, prayers, and looking for love. Life doesn’t have a checklist or a do-over. That’s why you can find surprises in unexpected places. Click here toContinue reading “Fiction Friday!”

No Room for Small Sizes

Remember when they told us, “You’ll grow into it”, and then your school uniform comes back from the seamstress and it is baggy? Bad thing is, the uniform sizes never caught up with our real sizes. (any witnesses here???)

This Person Called Grace

I’m not about to write a “Myself” essay. Remember those essays we had to write in primary school? They felt very indulgent and by the time you were done, your teacher actually knew all about your short life. Not that we cared.

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