The 90-Day Date vs The Root Life

It’s interesting how I’ve come full circle, talking about 90 Day Fiancé again. Somehow, it always seems to spark some sort of discussion and conversation about matters of the heart. I started watching a new season of 90 Day fiancé and at that moment, realised that coincidentally, it had been 90 days, or three months, since…

Being high on grace

When I’m irrationally kind and generous, patient and understanding. …When you see me like that, I’m definitely high on grace.

Fear Looks Like a Puppy

The last puppy we brought home turned out to be quite disappointing. And then she grew up, had a litter of puppies, and after shipping 3 off to willing recipients, the remaining puppy turned out to be even more disappointing than its mother. The mother, you see, barks for only two reasons. First, when we…

What sort of relationship are you in?

So I don’t often have charge of the TV and I also don’t have NETFLIX (whoa! I know, I know. What a boring life, how on earth do I survive ) I just might tell you all about it some other time. But for now, the TV does very well, thank you for your concern.…


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