For the woman who loves Jesus, lipstick and oh, maybe a glass of wine.

On this blog, it’s all about being real without compromising on your faith, without giving up on the good life (hey, you are called to live life to the full!).

It’s about living your true identity as a Christian woman without the baggage and heavy weight of expectations that society (and religion) tags on you. It’s about love, men, and relationships.

It’s about falling in love over and over again with The Man. He’s your First Love.

It’s about sharing stories through the eyes of the overreaching grace of God.

The blogger called Grace

Grace Ecklu has lived with culture clash from the age of seven. From Jos to Kalamazoo, she currently lives in Accra where it is always summer.

Grace is a geographer, educator, advertising creative and an avid reader whose favourites fluctuate between romantic mysteries and drama classics. In her books, she writes to inspire readers to believe that real, authentic relationships are not too much to ask for because getting what we don’t deserve is the M.O. of the grace of God.

She’s also the author of two contemporary inspirational drama novels, Guilty as Grace and Lemonade, and a novella; Lucy’s Moment.

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Let’s get high on grace!

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