The Woman Who Started a Diary

Post #10 in a Tale of Two Covenants

After more than ten years, she decided to get a diary.

Diaries were such capricious things. They had no passwords and could betray you no matter how careful you wanted to be.

So she’d given up on them a long time ago. There was no use having your secrets known to the whole wide world. But these days, a lot was going on in her heart and she wanted to write it down. And then a brilliant idea occurred to her. She could write it as a memoir of sorts for her daughters… yet to be born. Once she had this idea locked down, she felt excited about it.

She didn’t have much to her name, but she could leave a legacy of faith for her girls. She thought about them, not too much, but enough for her to hope that she would soon get over her breakup with Charles and move on.

Already, Maxwell was in the side wings, she could tell he was only biding his time to make his move. She’d told him she had a boyfriend. But now that she didn’t, she didn’t have an excuse to not have dinner with him.

It was only a matter of time before he asked.

But she wasn’t going to think about it now.

She flipped open the diary to the first page and wrote the date.

This is about what happened to your mother and why, she began.

She smiled. It was a good title.

I had a boyfriend. His name was Charles and we broke up. On his birthday. Okay I broke up with him and you’ll see why. But first…

Anne looked up, her forehead furrowed in concentration. She looked down at the ruled sheet and ploughed on. She wrote about what a great guy he was, very different from the boyfriend before. She wrote about the tragedy of the man before Charles and how she used to be the Girl who Tried Very Hard until something simple but profound happened to her.

… until one day, I realised that I was dating like a commoner. My relationships were going from bad to worse because I didn’t have the right quality checks.

Let me explain.

You get what you allow. And you allow what you believe you deserve.

But recently, I discovered something spectacular about me, that I am highly favoured in the Beloved.

It’s actually my new title- God’s beloved, God’s favourite person, that’s me!

Now, highly favoured people know that they’re not just anybody.

Think about it- Why is there always a scandal when the princess wants to marry the barber from down the street? No offense to barbers. But it’s because the royal family know who they are and for better or worse, it’s the reason some of them go as far as dictating whom their kids should marry. You can’t just pick any Tom, Dick, or Kwame from the street and say you are in love.

That’s the only reason I had the guts to tell Charles that I loved him but I couldn’t level down just to make him happy. He wanted your mother to sleep with him. As a birthday gift.

Don’t open your mouth.

Morals wouldn’t have improved by the time you get older. But I know one thing doesn’t change, and that’s the word of God and His promises. So this highly favoured woman is sticking it out.

It’s been tough. I haven’t spoken to Charles since that day. It’s like he just disappeared from my life. Sometimes I dream that he came back for me. But then I don’t want him to come back because now I know the kind of man he is. And he said some hurtful things to me. It’s confusing, isn’t it?

Anyway, here’s I want to leave with you- Know whose you are. You are God’s beloved.

I am the woman whom Jesus loves.

David brought down a giant because like the meaning of his name, he knew he was God’s beloved. Since you’re reading this, then it’s because my story ended Happily Ever After. There’s no other ending. But right now, I’m not there yet.

The journey is still unfolding.

Under the covenant of grace, God lets loose His heart of love.

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son… (John 3: 16)

One of the favourite things I’ve heard is “it takes a person who knows he’s loved to take down a giant!” That was David; beloved and giant slayer.

Dear friend, whatever you’re going through, just hold this close to your heart every day, every waking moment; Jesus really really really really loves you. God is for you and not against you.

And you will win in every fight of life.

….that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Religion will keep you trying to earn God’s approval and love by what you do. Under grace, you do nothing (you’re too late, Jesus did everything!). You only believe and receive His love.

Stay high on grace my friend.

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