Finding the Amazing in Grace

Spring flowers blooming

Dear Friend,

I’ve got a problem.

And it’s a big problem.

I try to explain why I’m high on grace, but it doesn’t always come out the way I want it to.

I don’t think I talk very well. Just leave me to write, I say. But of course, I can only enjoy that luxury in my dreams. So, I don’t explain anymore, I just live it.

But that’s not fair to you…

Because here is another problem- I’m having so much fun living high on grace that I must share it. Sort of similar to why I stopped travelling by myself. I found myself with a group of people I’d only just met, standing in front of a magnificent waterfall, in a secluded, spectacular nook, in a country that wasn’t mine… and everything crystalized into just one thought- I was coming back again, but this time, with a significant other. It was just too magnificent to enjoy by myself.

Remember your last birthday party? … and everyone you invited, and not just anyone, but friends and family? It’s just weird to celebrate all by yourself.

What’s So Amazing about Grace?

You’ve heard it said and sung, Amazing grace, how sweet the sound… But what’s so amazing about grace?

What’s so awesome about it?

And that’s the aim here, to unearth the amazing in grace…like a treasure hunt…because everything about the grace of God is very good and is true. And you know that if it’s too good and it’s true, then it’s got to be grace.

That’s why I have to find a way.

It feels like a Jumanji mission sometimes.

Hunting for Treasure

You and me, a duo of friends trying to free stuck captives from an alternative reality that they are trapped in… and they must be set free to shouts of “grace, grace!”

Bursting Wineskins

I think Jesus must have loved to cook- or watch his mother cooking. If not, then his chore might have been taking care of the wine because He knew something about wine- not putting new wine into old wineskins. The wineskin will burst, and you will lose both- the wine and the wineskin.

Like cooking. There are some spices that you just don’t mix together. Oh, you can, but it will be a culinary disaster because you’ve got to respect each spice and its taste profile.

When I tune in to some Christian radio, online videos, Christian literature, sermons- all I see is red wine bursting everywhere. And it’s messy.

Very messy.

What to do… What to do?

Once Upon a Time

There was once a teacher. She taught a class of seventeen to twenty something year olds. Some older than her. Most bigger than her. But they came to look forward to their lessons with this teacher who came from a world away from theirs.

She told them stories. That’s mostly what she did.

And I think I’ll do the same. I’ll tell a few stories. To explain what amazing grace is all about. I’ll call it a Tale of Two Covenants. What do you think?

Are you raising your eyebrows because covenant is a big word? No, I promise, I won’t make it tedious for anyone. It’s like the last time I visited a Sunday School and I almost cried for the kids. Kids are smart, but the stuff they were teaching them will make you think COVENANT is a beginner word. But who says teaching Sunday School is easy? More grace to Sunday School teachers. I mean it. And no, no coring tales.

So now when next anyone is tempted to ask- and they always do- what on earth does “high on grace” mean? Just take a deep breath…it’s going to be as simple as sharing a link…or a few links….of the Tale of Two Covenants.

Plus who doesn’t love a good series…except this one can actually rock your world?

So my friend, stay High on Grace… and of course, stay tuned for the Tale of Two Covenants.

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