Hello, daddy. Can I come home?

I have realised that whatever we think we are, the absence or presence of a father has a lot to do with it. But it’s not at the top of anyone’s mind to say that what we need is daddies. Which is why Father’s Day passes by in hiccups and bursts of fizzle.

But in every heart is a daddy-shaped hole.

Whatever do I mean? Think about these two statements-

First- God is love. His very essence is love. If you cut God up (if you can) He will bleed love because He is love.

Second- God is a Father. Not a mother, but our heavenly Father.

Now put those two statements together and what you have is a truth that has been hiding in broad daylight, the ignorance of which has been responsible for a lot of heartache in families and relationships because we never think of fathers as being “loving”. We know they love us, but when put side by side with mums, the image of a father hardly conjures warm mushy feelings. I watched a video where grown African men were asked to call their dads and tell them “I love you.” It was so awkward, I was cringing the whole time! More awkward than kissing my friend by mistake (yeah, weird stuff happens).

Think about the normal image of fathers we know. There is Father A. His approval comes from getting it right. The right grades, doing your chores, saying the right thing. All that is the key to being on his right side. And you try oh so hard to meet his expectations, just to see him nod and smile at you.

Then there is Father B, the strong silent type. You always have to be on your best behavior when he is around. You unconsciously tiptoe around him and when he’s out, everyone (even mum) breathes a sigh of relief. He’s not a bad dad. He pays your school fees and even asks you how you are doing but the thing is, he’s just more of a king than a dad.

And that’s how we generally think God the Father is.

I used to think that Jesus is loving, kind, gracious but the Father is aloof, not unkind, but just not loving enough. Some of us even go as far as thinking He’s stern, hard and judgmental.

But do you know that Jesus is the exact representation of the Father’s heart? Jesus himself said “he who has seen me has seen the Father.” So just as Jesus is full of love, never turned away sinners, healed all who came to him, had time for people at the lowest rungs of society, so is His Father. In fact, when God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit held a Family Meeting to talk about the issues on earth, it was the Father who sent the Son on a death mission to save the entire world, you and me included. But don’t take my word for it. It’s in John 3:16.

I believe Jesus was trying to sink this point into our hearts when He told the story of the prodigal son. This story is less about the prodigal son and more about a lovesick Father, looking out for His son. And when finally, the runaway child comes home, this Daddy runs to him, robes flying, to welcome the black sheep of the family. Perhaps you think that’s overkill. That it wasn’t fair to just forgive and forget. There should have been a repayment plan for the prodigal son to give back everything he’d lost. But newsflash, the love of God is not fair. It goes far beyond what we think is acceptable and normal, which is why every time you try to earn your way back, to do something to be right with God, it grieves your Father’s heart. All He wants for you is to come home, messes and all. In His house, there is everything you need.

“I and the Father are One”

He sent Jesus for exactly this reason. Jesus paid what you could not pay, down to the last sin, down to the last impatient word spoken or unworthy thought. So honestly, if you are a Christian and you are stressed with trying to live the Christian life, then stop it. The Christian life is not about trying. It’s about knowing that you are loved because only then can you truly live.

Think about it, there is no substitute for a good father (and I thank God for my mother and available male figures in my life). I call my father the best dad in the world, definitely not perfect, but great altogether. So the trouble for me was I needed my heavenly Father to match up. In a sense, I was a girl with weird daddy issues. Until I found out that what the unconditional love of God was.

There’s nothing like taking a walk with your daddy to clear your head. And that’s what I do with mine. That’s what daddies are for, especially for women, because it’s a tough world out there and you need a safe place.

It doesn’t matter what experience you’ve had with fathers. There’s always a second, third, many chances with God. I got that, and I hope you will grab it now because that’s the beauty of the work of Jesus Christ. It’s eternal and never failing.

But all that I’ve said is family business. We who believe in Jesus belong to a family of faith because His Son is the Way to the Father. Faith is simply believing, nothing else.

A family photo from the roaring 90’s🤩

The things of God are simple and if you want in, you are just this prayer away from stepping into a new dispensation:

Heavenly Father, thank you for sending Jesus to take the fall for me, to die for my sins, all my mistakes. Today, I receive the Lord Jesus, and because of the blood of the new covenant, You don’t see me in my sins. I am forgiven and Your grace is flowing like a river for me to live life abundantly and be everything You created me to be. Thank you for loving me. I am righteous and favoured in Christ Jesus. I am yours and in Your house is all the love I need. The Father’s house is my true home. Thank you, in Jesus’ name. Amen!

So, are you ready to come home?

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads who give us a glimpse of the Father’s heart!

And of course, share this with a friend to let them know they are loved.

Stay high on grace 😍

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