Tall, Dark, Handsome

I fell out of love with my type.

Well, with one of my types because I sort of rotate them. Sometimes they are dark, sometimes they are not. Sometimes they are full of potential, other times they are full of money. Sometimes they are artsy, and still other times, they are nerdy. There are the Mac guys and then there are the PC guys. The What’s-the-meaning-of-life guy and the Let’s-not-worry-about-a-thing guy. The prolific texter and the I-want-to-hear-your-voice-every-minute guy.

Short, tall, foreign, local, bearded, lean, dark, bald, we all have a type. And sometimes you need to fall out of love with your type because girl, you know it’s not working. When you keep falling over and over again into the same spiral of heartbreak, then you know it’s time to break up with your type.

But the thing is that types can be more subtle than how the person looks and we can get so wrapped up in the way things look that we miss the way things are– the big red flags waving right in front of our face.

But how to get out of this spiral?

Don’t tolerate bad behaviour. Don’t do it girl. If he did it the first time, he’s shown you who he is. Unless it doesn’t get to you. Unless it’s baggage you can carry because hey, none of us is perfect. We are only perfectly loved. So unless you know you can live with it for the rest of your life, then what are you doing? What are you trying to prove?

Here’s the thing about me. I can try to change myself. Try really hard. But I can’t guarantee that it will happen. So what makes me think I can change another human being? That part is God’s business. So in this business of love and loving, what you see is what you get. Unless that person is hiding their true colours and that is a different matter altogether.

It was tough because he was tall, dark and genius. But without kindness, I can live without tall, dark and genius.

And Happy Valentine’s Day gorgeous! Did you have a cosy day?

Me trying something new this year😌⛳

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Stay high on grace.

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