Spur of the … (Lucy’s) Moment

So remember the short story series I started a few months ago?

Well, it’s done and dusted and now I hereby gift thee, my loyal readers, LUCY’s MOMENT as a token of my appreciation. You know, we’ve all heard it said that just because it’s free doesn’t mean it is cheap. And this is so true for the writing process. It can be tears and pain and laughter of course. So why am I sharing it? Because sharing it gives me even greater joy because now I’ll have someone else I can laugh with about these stories that sometimes keep me awake. And I also won’t be the only one who falls in love with the characters I make up. Haha!

So if you haven’t gotten your copy already (especially if you were keenly following the Spur of the Moment series on the blog), then here you go. Just click on the link and choose whatever download format suits you.
Drop me a hi or hello if you just want to talk about the book!
One day I just might disclose what triggered this whole sequence of events which led to writing Lucy’s Moment.

Until then, happy reading! And do Follow the Blog so you don’t miss a thing!

LUCY’S MOMENT is a whimsical love story where you get to decide how it ends.

“One free ride in a Mercedes, a brooding reformed church boy, a faraway virtual friend, and a mum on steroids might just be my recipe for happily ever after. But there’s the matter of my ex and what happened before.

“I am definitely not ready for this and this is why you can help me make a choice. Can you do that for me?”

Genre: Christian, heart story, romance, drama, contemporary

2 thoughts on “Spur of the … (Lucy’s) Moment

  1. Grace,Thanks again. It is people like you who I am rooting for. You deserve success in whatever shape or form you want it to come in.Please let me know how I can support you.Wishing you the best,Masozi Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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