Guilty As Grace!

All right, I feel like I should have done this ten years ago. Thanks a lot for the support, you are amazing! And yes, “guilty as grace” is the title of my new novel coming soon on 15 December, 2019. By the grace of God, of course!

Many of you want to know what I’ve written about. Nah, I’m not dropping any spoilers but it has been a very interesting adventure getting to where I am now and releasing this brand-new book.

It is important to mention that I began writing for myself. The one criteria I had was that it had to be interesting enough for me to pick up my own book to read. But more importantly, I needed to write a story that was real and relevant.

A story for the 21st century young African Christian woman. She wears lipstick. She wants to get married and have children, maybe even six of them. She has been called a church girl. She loves to drink the occasional Irish Cream on lots of ice. She watches Game of Thrones or not. She loves Jesus. She stays up for all night prayers. She wants a career. She’s feisty. She wants to find love. Maybe she has already found love.

I love Francine Rivers and I love Chimamanda Adichie. But they are blue-eyed and long-haired in Rivers, and they haven’t figured out a true relationship with Jesus in Adichie. So to all my Jesus-loving beautiful African (and all brown or brownish skin gals), this book is especially for you! And for your daughters. Shout outs to you! You’ve stuck it out and God’s got you.

I could have written about anything and honestly, it kinda started out that way. But you and I know that the pressures of our existence are real and very present. Family, church, men, society. We’ve got our own brand of challenges. And why not write about them? Why not talk about them and bring some hope to a Jesus girl who needs to wake up and live?

And just to keep the conversation going and out of real curiosity, what challenges have you been facing recently? How easy or difficult has it been for you to be that person you want to be and God wants you to be? And if you’ve got a challenge you recently punched in the face, I’d like to hear it and who knows whom it might encourage?

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4 thoughts on “Guilty As Grace!

  1. I have still not downloaded and read Guilty As Grace yet. But I loved Lemonade and I trust that I soon find time to order and read this one too. More grace to you sis.

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