Writing about Brown Skin Girls

Hi ladies! (and of course the men who love us)

I remember staying up a bit late to discuss the pros and cons of the characters in “An American Marriage” by Taraji P. Henson. The book had just come out and my book loving friend, graciously lent it to me. Talk about a couple of book nerds going gaga over a book, having intense what-is-the-meaning-of-life discussions over some fictional characters.

From Francine Rivers to Maeve Binchy and Mary Higgins Clark, there is a tall list of books that I love to read.

But I guess my point is, books are worlds in of themselves and if you have been reading for any amount of time, what will be that one book you read that you would recommend to anyone? Because a lot of us have our favourite books, our favourite novels. The ones we never forget about. The ones where we fell in love with the lead male character, his blue eyes, his broad muscular chest, his very gentle manner. Are you laughing at yourself right now, because I am! I mean, why would a black girl like me fall in love with a blue-eyed man? Ha!

Currently, I haven’t fallen in love with any man, real or imagined, in a while. I’ve been preoccupied with doing something else. Drum roll please! (If you haven’t already heard) My brand-new book will be coming soon in December! Yipeee! And I would have done my job if you read it and let me know you have fallen in love with the characters. This time it’s much closer to home so there will be tall dark men and brown-skin girls!

I am over-the-top excited about finally getting my stories out to you. And definitely, I’ll be giving you insider gist about what, where, how and when all this is going down. No wahala! But before then, which novel would you recommend a girl from Ghana to read? Drop me a comment and let me hear from you!

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